The Grey Between


The Grey Between“, 24×36, acrylic on canvas. This was an evolved, difficult piece for me to do, both in using new techniques and content. The grey sometimes being a body for hungry crows, but more metaphorically as a barrier, cloud, or ash.


The Wheel

imageThe Wheel is my newest piece for August of 2015. This was actually the third full paint-over and it turned out much better. Standard acrylic on canvas, metallics, paint pen, typography.

Gostworks on Storeenvy

My new store is open! Original paintings and prints available, as well as pages from my sketchbooks and ready-to-go art for commercial use. I’m really excited to offer a more personal connection with people who might want some of my work. I don’t keep stock on hand, so please allow for manufacture and delivery time with art prints. Thanks so much!

Spring Studies 2014


Spring Studies, acrylic on canvas, 18×24. After digging through my art storage, I found a lot of crap damaged, unfinished, and uninspired. So, I cranked out 3 new ones to usher in the new season, new attitude, and new energy. My parameters – no sketch, no typography, and mainly a palette knife, all different than how I usually work. Hope you dig ’em.