The Long Haul t-shirt

Here is a new t-shirt design for Southampton UK hardcore outfit The Long Haul. The idea for the design was to explore the human in its immanent presence while making some commentary on religion. The figure was to be sort of martyr-like but shown in the flesh, and therefore fallible. I think having human vivisection achieved that end too by essentially breaking down the relationship between man and his ideas (fear). Shirt will be available later this summer, 2012.


Heartless – Hell is Other People LP-CD art and design

Here is the latest work I’ve completed for Pittsburgh’s Heartless. The LP is entitled Hell is Other People, after the Jean-Paul Sartre play No Exit, where it is revealed that the characters are locked in a room and have no torturers other than themselves. While working on visuals that would carry the theme, we came up with a central figure in collapse with disembodied eyes implying that these people are our judges, always staring. The back cover references isolation and broken teeth in the lyrics. There were some discussions whether this project would be in color or B/W, and ultimately B/W was decided, wherein the gatefold art needed to be done as well. I’m glad, and I love how the stark black with rough grey washes rounded everything out and gave the project a frantic, darkened look. Heartless‘ music is the real highlight (lowlight?) of all this – it’s a grimy, ugly and enraged slice of metal, hardcore, thrash and sludge all blended together into something really unique. This grey-blooded death beast was a true joy to be part of and I really moved forward with some of my own work. The LP/CD will be on Southern Lord, my favorite label and it’s easily one of the best. Needless to say I am excited and humbled.

Misery shirt design

This is the new shirt design for veteran crusty metalpunks Misery. I was really excited and grateful for the opportunity to work on something for a band I’ve been listening to since I was 18 years old. Their new album Where the Sun Never Shines is out now digitally at their Bandcamp site and the shirt is themed after one of the tracks. The song is crushingly heavy and crust fans will not be disappointed. As for the design, I wanted to have a punk-standard gasmasked individual being reclaimed by nature with twisted tree limbs and leaves to reflect the environmental theme. There also needed to be an urban setting with the same commentary of renewal, etc. Hidden gems include vague references to Discharge, Amebix and Misery’s circular emblem. This shirt will be available at the top-notch punk printer Nightgaunt Graphics. Big shouts to Andy for hooking this one up.