Mask, 2015


Mask, 24×24, acrylic on canvas. For sale. Would look grand on a wall, and it’s shaped perfectly for apparel or album cover.



My first new painting of 2012. This one uses some of my recent typographical content devices. With Tongues, my idea was to show dead beliefs and languages. The idea of a lost tribe and long-forgotten gods is interesting to me, with people either in seclusion or wandering about with nothing. I also wanted to use the circle consciously since it functions on a few different levels with this image. I really liked how everything came out and I’ll probably have a couple more on this theme too.

Heartless – Hell is Other People LP-CD art and design

Here is the latest work I’ve completed for Pittsburgh’s Heartless. The LP is entitled Hell is Other People, after the Jean-Paul Sartre play No Exit, where it is revealed that the characters are locked in a room and have no torturers other than themselves. While working on visuals that would carry the theme, we came up with a central figure in collapse with disembodied eyes implying that these people are our judges, always staring. The back cover references isolation and broken teeth in the lyrics. There were some discussions whether this project would be in color or B/W, and ultimately B/W was decided, wherein the gatefold art needed to be done as well. I’m glad, and I love how the stark black with rough grey washes rounded everything out and gave the project a frantic, darkened look. Heartless‘ music is the real highlight (lowlight?) of all this – it’s a grimy, ugly and enraged slice of metal, hardcore, thrash and sludge all blended together into something really unique. This grey-blooded death beast was a true joy to be part of and I really moved forward with some of my own work. The LP/CD will be on Southern Lord, my favorite label and it’s easily one of the best. Needless to say I am excited and humbled.