New in the Store


I just updated my art store with some recent items, including print preorders for my ‘Mask’, and ‘The Wheel’ pieces, as well as a limited series of 20 all-original 9×10 works on paper called ‘Winter Vortex’ that I am drawing to order, signed and numbered with no reproductions.


Gostworks on Storeenvy

My new store is open! Original paintings and prints available, as well as pages from my sketchbooks and ready-to-go art for commercial use. I’m really excited to offer a more personal connection with people who might want some of my work. I don’t keep stock on hand, so please allow for manufacture and delivery time with art prints. Thanks so much!

At the Gates, Converge, Vallenfyre 2015


Super excited as both a fan and an artist for the Decibel Magazine 2015 tour with Sweden’s legendary At the Gates, longtime hardcore innovators Converge, and the almighty Vallenfyre on their first proper US tour. I’m eager to see them gain more fans from their ferocious live set and am stoked of course for the opportunity for more people to see my artwork.

Shirt design for Discomfort


New t-shirt design for Vicenza, Italy’s Discomfort. They needed something dark and crusty to fit with their music style and I went with a scratchy ink style for their job. I wanted to slightly change some of the elements in the design to be different than the usual bullets-n-skulls crust style, since Discomfort meld a variety of sounds into their music and I am influenced by many different things too. So, a vulture, and head mark and some loose coins at the bottom might make the piece more unique.

Gostworks on Instagram


You can now follow Gostworks on Instagram. Most of the same work I post there is the same as here at the main site, albeit squarely cropped and far less verbose. The format does allow for WIP photos and random sketches much more fluidly so I will occasionally post those as well. I do appreciate the feedback and like the ease of connecting with people and other artists on there.