Spring Tongues Art Showing


I’m showing some of my paintings starting this Friday, August 29th, 7pm, (and ongoing dates) at Black Sky Brewing near the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver. Please join me in this opportunity to see my work in a unique venue with expertly crafted local beer and food.

16×20, acrylic on canvas, 2012; 2014

Spring Tongues is two separate series of paintings completed years apart.

The first series is Tongues, a narrative about lost languages, extinct cultures, diaspora. I often have structure and graphic design in my work for contrast, and used illegible calligraphic elements to portray the theme in these pieces.

The second series, Spring Studies, is the most recent of my paintings and is loosely based on renewal and spring, in technique only. They were created on repurposed canvases with different processes than I usually work from — palette knife, no sketch, set color range.


Spring Studies 2014


Spring Studies, acrylic on canvas, 18×24. After digging through my art storage, I found a lot of crap damaged, unfinished, and uninspired. So, I cranked out 3 new ones to usher in the new season, new attitude, and new energy. My parameters – no sketch, no typography, and mainly a palette knife, all different than how I usually work. Hope you dig ’em.