Reflective: A Series in Metallics


Reflective: A Series in Metallics are recent paintings by Brian D’Agosta

Reflective is a collection of works unified in technique and tone, assembled with content from seemingly opposite origins. The title of this installation refers to the metallic silvers and bronzes used throughout, giving the pieces motion when viewed at different angles. The forms are a miasma of calligraphic script, Art Nouveau, graffiti, science fiction and punk aesthetics.
The venue:
To The Wind Bistro,
3333 E Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80205


Nouveau 3


Nouveau 3 – 16×20, metallic acrylics on canvas. I think I’m generally done with the black canvasses and ideas for this series. I really liked mixing classic Art Nouveau-Deco/silent film styled women with calligraphy and more interpretative brushwork and had a fun time learning some different techniques.

Nouveau 2


Latest piece, Nouveau 2, metallic acrylics on wood. I really like doing these reverse dark-to-light paintings and having one element rendered tightly while the rest is loose and interpretive. I suppose at this point it’s not necessary to point out design devices in my work since I use the same ones over and over.