Ambient + Human show at TRVE Brewing, 9.21.2012

Ambient + Human – Two Painted Series by Brian D’Agosta opens on Friday, September 21, 8 p.m. at TRVE Brewing, 227 Broadway, #101, Denver. I am so excited for this opportunity to show my work as painted and presented in a unique and beautiful space that honors both our creativity.


Ambient 2011

New stuff for 2011. I will be doing a lot more painting this year. With these, I experimented a lot with color theory and luminosity. The challenge was to get the underpainting right and then add depth and tone through color. Most of my work isn’t usually in vibrant color, so I initially had to make a lot of color and tone decisions carefully so the end result didn’t get destroyed by technique. I really like how these turned out and might do one larger piece in the same style as an exit, and really work in a good theme with plenty of parts. Perhaps at the end of summer when I’ve had a chance to step away from them for awhile.