Bottom Bracket T-shirt


Shirt design for Bottom Bracket, a fast, loud hardcore punk band from Colorado. The design is a mashup of a few different styles, incorporating old-school black-and-white punk graphics and bicycling themes presented with a Latino sugar skull syle decoration. This one was super fun – can’t wait to see it printed!


Vallenfyre Splinters t-shirts


Here’s two new shirt designs that come from the gatefold of the new Vallenfyre LP, Splinters. The designs are meant to have an old-school metal/crust look in both design and color way.

Call of the Void ‘Vulture’ design


This is a new shirt design for Denver’s Call of the Void. I wanted it to be in a similar style to the other design I did for them. The design has a vengeful vulture stabbing two kitchen knives through a skull. Get the shirt here or get one in person during their Fall 2013 U.S. tour with Ringworm and Howl.

Art for Stoic Dissention shirts

I’m really excited to announce that two of my paintings, Human 1 and Human 4, will be reproduced on shirts for Denver’s Stoic Dissention. They play progressive, innovative doom metal and thought that my art fit well with their music, and it does. Up until this point, most of my work for musicians has been custom pieces primarily done in ink, so I am glad to have been part of this, as both an experience with new people as well as an opportunity to reproduce my paintings on apparel.

The Long Haul t-shirt

Here is a new t-shirt design for Southampton UK hardcore outfit The Long Haul. The idea for the design was to explore the human in its immanent presence while making some commentary on religion. The figure was to be sort of martyr-like but shown in the flesh, and therefore fallible. I think having human vivisection achieved that end too by essentially breaking down the relationship between man and his ideas (fear). Shirt will be available later this summer, 2012.

Ironhorse T-Shirt Design

Here is the latest t-shirt design for Boulder, Colorado’s Ironhorse. These guys play seriously heavy and abrasive hardcore/metal/crust/grind and should not be missed live. Like their name implies, a locomotive. The design is sort of a media critique where the main figure has a crown nailed to him – an unlikely king made by the vapid standards in which society makes kings from nothing. 2-color, scratchy style on a charcoal grey shirt.

Heartless t-shirt

Here is a new shirt design for the Heartless/Full of Hell tour. It’s printed black-on-black for the true cvlt hardcore kids that need fashionably-forward gear, shown here on dark grey. There were many iterations of this design – even more than the album itself – but this design is the final. Maybe I’ll post those up since it might be interesting to see the evolution of such things all at once.

Get this shirt and others at Heartless’ BigCartel store.