Accolades 11.11

Forgot to post this earlier, but it meant a lot to have a mini-feature on the best advertising and design blog in town, The Denver Egotist. I’m a huge fan of the site and it generated a lot of web activity over here, giving me a chance to fly high among my professional peers with the punk rock.


Review on CVLTNation

Just got a stellar review from CVLTNation, a really great blog chock full of art, fashion, and metal/hardcore punk. I haven’t really gotten a lot of recognition or reviews outside of friends and a handful bands that I have worked with. I always get a bit nervous that I’m a hack (I am), but I’m glad others like what I’m doing. I think my artist’s “voice” is still developing and I like the trajectory I’m on into making more serious attempts at my work. I am really excited about this kind of feedback, thanks a bunch!