This painting is another mashup in the same spirit as my “Masks” piece, converging ideas into one thought. On Miasma, my thinking was simple – take a handful of my major influences and bring them together. My longstanding love of Art Nouveau presents itself again more prominently in this work, along with my interest in typography and language. A third influence was the stark, contrasting monochrome of jagged and angular crust punk. Instead of the black-and-white photomontage of John Heartfield and generations-later Discharge, I used silver paint and ink. More tension was necessary so a plain field of black, framed in diagonals and repeated secondarily was added. My finishing touches were to add black back in to tone and texture everything and reduce some of the flatness of the metallics. As disparate as all of these influences might be, I found that they work well in forming a common language.

Update: Original piece has been sold! Reproductions not available.


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