Warcharge sketch

I’ve been toying around with the idea of standardizing some of my sketching spaces into a format that happens to be proportionately scaled to fit an album or CD cover. Not that I usually work that way, but the formality of setting up nice paper on a board and going through the proper process doesn’t always work for the majority of the time I’m drawing, which is just flowing ideas in my sketchbook in my chair or whatever.

So, this one I’m calling Warcharge, and it’s more of a study than anything and I sketched all of it in the majority of one evening for a few hours. The interesting thing about it to me is the subject matter, or rather, the provenance from which it came and from where I get my inspiration after thinking about it for a minute. This is probably the ‘crustiest’ art I’ve intentionally drawn in awhile and it is an unabashed nod to those who came before me. These are obvious references to Bolt Thrower’s In Battle There Is No Law LP, Deviated Instinct’s Rock-n-Roll Conformity LP, the inside gate art of Axegrinder’s Rise Of The Serpent Men LP, and maybe a sleight to Inferno’s Tod und Wahnsinn LP, Negative Gain’s Back From The Dead LP and more that are similar such as early Kreator, Deathrow, and High on Fire. Efforts from Stormcrow, Sanctum and others also bear the stenchcore standard, in all their Mad Max-ed out Warhammered glory. It may be fairly obvious that Frank Frazetta’s heavy hand might behind all of this, a master whose work probably best captures all of this style.


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