Meeting Scribbles

I have no attention span, short or long-term memory, and am barely cognitive much of the time. Somehow I’ve been lucky enough to work in a field that is a little forgiving of such transgressions because of the perception that many artists are a little strange-minded and don’t function like others. OK, I’ll take it, it’s easier than thinking or having responsibility. Really though, I just can’t sit through most meetings without wandering around in my head a bit. I might actually pay attention more to what’s being said if I’m not having to feign interest or look at another overdone PowerPoint presentation. So, for years I’ve been doodling and scribbling down stuff during meetings. I always do them in pen, so there’s a sense of permanence and that I won’t feel compelled to make an innocent little thought on paper become the pencilwork for an Important Drawing. I have a ton of these from practically every place I’ve worked and thought I’d share a few since I know a lot of people do the same thing while on the phone or whatever.


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