Gostworks t-shirt

Here is the new gostworks shirt in all its digitally-produced glory. I don’t have the option for black-on-black or collar print, but I think the final product came out pretty well. The print turned out nice and large with flat black print on a grey/black ringer tee, with back print on the neck nape. Zazzle’s quality is good, all things considered. The black shirt version I did had the Azrael piece from the bloghead and the results were not so good. Trial and errror, as with anything.

Since the design is a little busy, I’ll translate. I wanted it to have an art/ink theme, and so included ink nibs and pens with requisite India splatter. Aerial bombers were added to fill out the piece and are a veiled reference to the Bomber nickname I was given by some of the artroom crew at a local newspaper group. The slogan is “Sangue sudore e lacrime”, which in Italian is ‘blood, sweat and tears’. Rounding out the piece are the recurring knives I seem to be drawn to. I don’t think the shirt will be available publicly, but I might put together one that is, with less gostworks branding.


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