The above sketch was yet another exploration of typeforms that I’ve kinda of subconsciously created. I really love Sanskrit and Arabic writing styles and often try to capture the tone that the languages evoke. I also use a lot of Old English/Old German blackletter. The forms are fabricated and not real, unlike the type in the Iran paintings posted here previously. With this piece, the locus is definitely Eastern and I wanted the background to suggest an abandoned dwelling or parchment.

I’ve been very fortunate to have a bunch of freelance design opportunities which hasn’t left me much time to draw or paint recently. I have big plans for upcoming paintings as well as series of apparel designs. I’ve really been into abstraction lately and am excited to get some of these ideas I have onto canvasses.

I am also trying to reach out and do some soft marketing of gostworks (and just my art in general) by contacting other artists that I know and like, as well as networking with new ones that have similar interests and backgrounds. There are some amazingly talented people out there and am often inspired by the amount of craftsmanship and energy artists can come up with. I plan on cheaply putting together a promotional package (of sorts) that will include print collateral, digital items and a shirt. Once I get the time. But until then, back to logos and brochures…


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