Misery shirt design

This is the new shirt design for veteran crusty metalpunks Misery. I was really excited and grateful for the opportunity to work on something for a band I’ve been listening to since I was 18 years old. Their new album Where the Sun Never Shines is out now digitally at their Bandcamp site and the shirt is themed after one of the tracks. The song is crushingly heavy and crust fans will not be disappointed. As for the design, I wanted to have a punk-standard gasmasked individual being reclaimed by nature with twisted tree limbs and leaves to reflect the environmental theme. There also needed to be an urban setting with the same commentary of renewal, etc. Hidden gems include vague references to Discharge, Amebix and Misery’s circular emblem. This shirt will be available at the top-notch punk printer Nightgaunt Graphics. Big shouts to Andy for hooking this one up.


One thought on “Misery shirt design

  1. please blurb away.
    I’m tattooing Tobia Minkler soon, the singer for LOOK BACK and LAUGH.
    It’s a rad design that is full of hilarity.
    I’m stoked that you’re doing well.

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