29th Street Disciples


This was a design for the Denver punk band 29th Street Disciples. Initially, they asked me to do a logo so they could have merchandise at shows — mainly shirts, stickers, badges and stuff for a web presence. The original logo (and shirt design #1) is the typeface-comprised skull that makes up their name. I was going for an 80s-type skate punk kind of feel like you’d see in Thrasher magazine, etc. This new design (shirt design #2) was borne out of me wanting to tinker with Adobe CS2. This one has engine-blocks, scratches and paint splatters and is more in line with the type of design styles coming out of the recent hardcore punk scene.

Update: We’ve turned the band into a full-on marketing juggernaut, complete with a formal CD, in-store poster and web banner. At some point, they’ll need a MySpace shell and some art for online sales portals like Interpunk or iTunes. I’m excited for them and hope they get far with their music. Westword likes ’em.

Cross-posted at Relic Design Studio.


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